Saracione reels

Joe Saracione has been building fly classic fly reels for salmon fishing for more than 35 years. His reels are all handmade on manuel machines and assembled one at a time in the USA. Because the reels are so labor intensive, they have become highly valued collectibles. Each reel is individually numbered and carries a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.We are very proud and happy to announce that Heggøy Aktiv AS “Distribution Norway “ have made an exclusive agreement with the world famous reel maker Joe Saracione, Oregon, USA to distribute SARACIONE reels in Norway/Sweden/Denmark and Iceland. We look very much forward to the cooperation with Joe and the whole Saracione family and we are very glad to be able to offer these great reels to fly fishing entusiast all over in Scandinavia.

CEO Heggøy Aktiv AS Norway

Henrik Kassow Andersen

Where to buy in Scandinavia.

Andresens Vaapenhandel, Storgaten 53, 9008 Tromsø. tel+47 77682403
MX Canyon, Altaveien 285, 9515 Alta. tel+47 91635732
Bergen Aktiv AS, Fanaveien 111, 5239 Rådal. tel+47 55107060
Nordisk Fiskeutstyr, Lysaker brygge 33, 1366 Lysaker. tel+47 67110630
West Ranga shop, Hella, Iceland (May – Oct) tel+354 6967030
Olderø flyfishing lodge shop, Lakselv (June – Sept) tel+47 92041458